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  • Beautiful Body

    To feel more comfortable in your body and to be self-confident.

  • Healthy Diet

    To eat intuitively and have fun while doing so.

  • Loving Relationships

    To have happy and fulfilling relationships.

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About Me

I've been exploring the topic of self-love for over 15 years now. It all started with a significant experience within my family that led me to learn at a young age the importance of our mental health. I began delving into topics such as self-love, gratitude, and personal development. Through this exploration I came to realize that everything is rooted in our connection with ourselves — how we feel, how we impact others, and, ultimately, how we perceive ourselves. I firmly believe that the connection to ourselves is essential and serves as the foundation for everything we experience externally.

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  • Eileen Pesarini, Founder Linis Bites & Getvuel

    My absolute favorite journal - the perfect way to start the morning with self-love, gratitude, and affirmations.

  • Poppy Fetzner - Artist

    With the LOVEme Journal, I'm really motivated to write down my affirmations every day - it's not only beautifully designed but also well-structured, making manifesting easy and enjoyable!

  • Isabella Rorsted

    It's the perfect guided journal with coffee table vibes, and I can tell that every time I write in the journal, I am in a much happier mood! I love this LOVEme Journal so very much!

  • Sandra Winter, Designer

    I'm obsessed with the LOVEme Journal! Since I started writing it, my mornings have been much more fulfilling, and I begin the day in a great mood.

  • Laura Limberg, Entrepreneur

    I love this journal so much! Since I've been using it, I've noticed that I pay so much more attention to how I speak and treat myself.

  • Mimi Dean

    Since I started writing in my LOVEme Journal daily, my relationship with myself has positively changed, and I can feel how I become more loving towards myself day by day!

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"The connection to ourselves reflects everything we experience in the external world."

Elena Miller

1:1 Self-love Mentoring

Through our coaching together, you will realize how perfect you already are. We will create a roadmap for you so that you can develop more self-love every day with the right exercises. You can start anytime. You will notice how much joy life brings, when you love yourself just the way you are.

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