"You're meant to live a life beyond your wildest dreams."

I have been dealing with the topic of self-love for over 15 years now. It all began with a very significant experience within my family, which led me to learn at a young age how crucial one's mental health is. I started exploring themes such as self-love, gratitude, and personal development. Throughout this journey, I increasingly realized that everything is built on the connection with ourselves – how we feel, how we impact others, and ultimately how we perceive ourselves. I am convinced that the connection to ourselves is essential, serving as the foundation for everything we experience externally.

You want happier and more fulfilling relationships - start with yourself.

My dream has always been to become a TV host, and I am grateful for the several successful years I have had in this field. Through my work, I've realized the importance of being confident and loving myself - this energy is palpable for the viewers through the television or their phones. After five years, I discovered that my passion also lies in guiding people through the realm of personal development, especially self-love, in various ways. I believe that only when we accept and truly love ourselves can we experience love to the fullest.

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