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THANKme Journal Bundles

THANKme Journal Bundles

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THANKme Journal (Sprache)
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Das THANKme Journal - dieses Dankbarkeits-Tagebuch für 100 Tage soll dich ermutigen an deinem persönlichen Wachstum zu arbeiten, mehr Dankbarkeit für dich und dein Leben zu praktizieren. Mit konstanten Gebrauch wird sich dein Leben zum positiven verändern.

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About the THANKme Journal

A journal to intensify your gratitude daily. Each day, take a moment to acknowledge how amazing your life already is. The journal accompanies you for 100 days and is a beautiful decorative item. Your daily practice involves answering three different questions. The first two questions remain the same every day, while the third question varies for 25 days, providing new prompts. These questions offer time for reflection across various areas of your life. The first five pages of the book contain exercises that allow you to peacefully intensify your gratitude. Following that, the journal section commences, designed to be part of your daily routine, fostering a more grateful and joyful approach to life. On the final page, you'll find a QR code leading you to a gratitude meditation I've recorded for you. Scientifically proven to positively impact our brains, reflecting on these questions daily will reveal how fulfilling your life already is, fostering deeper gratitude each passing day.

Start now, taking daily moments for yourself and your journal, or gift this book, suitable for adults or children (8 years and above).

  • Mental Health

    Practicing gratitude daily reduces stress, promotes positive emotions, and can contribute to improving mental health.

  • Mindfulness

    Gratitude fosters mindfulness by directing awareness to the present moment and encouraging noticing the small, positive moments in life.

  • Science

    People who start their day mindfully are scientifically proven to be more balanced, successful, and happier. Grateful individuals often experience more positive emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I write in the THANKme Journal?

You can start your day balanced and happy with your THANKme Journal. However, it's also a nice habit to write in your journal before bedtime to conclude the day. Or take it with you during the day wherever you go. When you write in your journal doesn't matter—stay flexible. The main thing is to do it consistently.

How does the return process work?

Simply send the book in its original box as a merchandise shipment (€1.95) to:
Elena Miller
Wundtstr. 40
14057 Berlin

Why should I write down what I am grateful for?

Writing down gratitude helps us to be more conscious of the positive aspects of life. It prompts deeper reflection and creates a lasting memory compared to simply saying it aloud.

How does the journal support me in manifesting my best life?

Gratitude shifts the focus to the positive, fostering feelings of abundance and contentment. This mentally aligns you with personal growth and aids in manifesting your best life.