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Inspirational Speaking

Do you feel like there is motivation lacking in your company? Do you want someone to bring back the fire that once existed?  Or do you simply need someone to inspire a big or small group of individuals?


Your audience has got everything already within them. My job is to motivate, empower and impact them by sharing my knowledge  and honest story, so that I can connect with my audience everywhere. 


At Munich International School I gave a speech to inspire young grown-ups to live a life on their terms. To choose a career that will fulfill them and to encourage them to be brave enough to chase their dreams. I believe the earlier we start acknowledging what we want in life and focus on working towards those goals daily, the more we live our true purpose.


My job is to make everyone feel like they (alone or as a team) can conquer the world!

What my clients say

Kirti Joshi

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"I had the pleasure of listening to Elena Miller at Munich Internation School. As a former teacher of hers, I was immensely proud to see the growth and development in her ability to empathise with those around her, to help students understand and for them to not only think of achieving the impossible but to go further and act on their dreams. She is passionate, thoughtful and inspiring." - Kirti Joshi (Educator, MIS)

Educator, Munich International School

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